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Riveting Relics, LLC


Welcome to Riveting Relics, LLC

Banknotes, Coins, Ephemera, Jewelry, Stamps, Action Figures, and more!

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Riveting Relics, LLC. is a collectibles store. We operate mainly off of eBay. Recently due to a problem with eBay, all of our amazing Legacy Currency Grading banknotes have been moved to our website. Riveting Relics, LLC is a small family owned business. Many people will recognize us from our parent company JPCC. We have been in business selling coins, banknotes, and collectibles for the past 20 years at trade shows. We recently began selling collectibles on Ebay under Riveting_Relics and are now online. Please check back to watch us grow!


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PMG South Korea, Bank of Korea Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ ND(1950) 

PMG Graded South Korea, Bank of Korea 100 Won Banknote ND(1950) Choice Unc 64 EPQ picture 7 Block 199

PMG South Korea, 64 EPQ